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Psychotherapist (Approved by Valvira – National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health – and by Kela)
Anders Järvinen


I have more than 25 years of experience in various types of crisis, safety, and conflict work in the private sector. I have worked in broad cooperation with various authority organizations (the police and social and healthcare authorities). My experience in crisis work and my supplementary training within the therapeutic field have added to the competencies needed in my work as a psychotherapist.

I offer:  

- Individual therapy for children, young people, adults, and seniors.

- Family and couples therapy for dealing with relationship problems.

- Crisis therapy for dealing with difficult life situations.

- Help in dealing with anxiety and fear symptoms/panic attacks.

- Help in dealing with symptoms of depression and work exhaustion.

- Therapy for compulsive disorders/personality disorders.

- Help with various kinds of addiction.

- Stress management/personal development.

- Help in dealing with trauma-related disorders/self-destructive behavior.

- Help with social phobia/low self-esteem.

- Counselling therapy (working with narrative therapy).

- Individual work guidance/help with work satisfaction and problems related to the work community.

- Help in improving one’s quality of life in general and the ability to exert control over one’s life/help in dealing with physical illnesses.


- Advanced training for psychotherapists working with severely traumatized persons (Traumaterapiakeskus Helsinki, 2019)

- Degree in psychotherapy (special level training program in solution-focused psychotherapy, Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute (Lti), 2009 to 2012.

- Counselling therapist (“From broken to healed”, education in therapeutic counselling, Vivamo, Lohja, 2006 to 2008)

- Master of Theology (Åbo Akademi, 1999)

Me as a therapist: 

As a therapist, I always work together with my client. I can be proactive and ask questions, discuss issues, or just listen. I always respect my client’s life situation, but I never lose hope of a positive change in their most difficult life circumstances. I empathize and I am supportive, warm-hearted, and open.

The therapy sessions: 

At the beginning of the therapy, I put a lot of energy into building a well-working therapy relationship between my client and me that inspires confidence and trust. Together, we determine the client’s personal goals for the therapy sessions. In the sessions, a number of approaches may be used in order to strengthen the client’s mental health and self-esteem. In my work as psychotherapist, I focus on the dialogue at hand. Through conversation, I give the client an opportunity to find answers and solutions for their own, unique life situation.

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