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Anders Järvinen

People usually seek help from a therapist when they are going through life changes, various kinds of crises, relationship problems, or when they are not feeling well in general. Whatever the reason is, it can become a great burden in your everyday life, making you completely lose your joy of life or desire to live. In therapy, you work with a professional therapist in a solution-focused manner in order to find new ways and viewpoints to help you get through difficult crises and life situations, one step at a time.

Therapy (talking therapy) will help you get a deeper understanding of yourself (self-knowledge) and of the way people that you interact with think, feel, and act. One of the most difficult things about therapy is getting to the point where you can openly talk about your feelings and thoughts; it can be hard to talk about things in your life that you have ignored or repressed for a long time. The efficacy of the therapy discussions is measured by how you, as the client, feel regarding the time and the help you have been given for talking about your feelings, needs, and wishes, and how it has helped you to better deal with your life situation.


In therapy, we discuss the things that you find meaningful in your life. The goal is to overcome any problems, prevent them from reoccurring, and improve your ability to function, and there will be continuous evaluation of how these goals are achieved.

I offer therapy, both individual and couples therapy, to clients in all age categories. I also offer my clients KELA-subsidized rehabilitation psychotherapy. Psychotherapy does not necessarily have to be long-term.

Anyone can get therapy. Your issues do not have to meet certain criteria in order to be “therapy-valid”. In my practice, you can openly talk in confidence about anything.

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